Attitude of Wedding Guest in Fashion

Attitude of the guest attending fashion
Men do not understand a woman who hair in the hair salon in the morning, even if not the wedding ceremony of themselves. However, the mind of a woman who is shopping for others’ weddings has something more than vanity. Well-dressed guest fashion is a necessary strategy for living a life.

The season for wedding invitation cards with spring wind draws near. However, in case of guests, the wedding ceremony is very difficult event.

From the moment we receive the wedding invitation card, guests begin to think about the schedule of the day, the appropriation of the gift, and what clothes to wear, as well as the joy, envy, anticipation, obligation, and occasional annoyance. In addition to the couple who have to be blessed with the future, they have a lot of interested people who will meet at the ceremony, such as relatives and co-workers, and recall their social role once in a while.

This is because wedding ceremonies are the very place for them to meet people who have not met in a long time. ‘It is enough with the warm heart to congratulate.’ ‘It is enough with you in the ceremony’ is just a sheriff for the bride and groom, if you do not want to be rumored by the crowd of people with the comment like “He have a bad face, what happened to him?”, a cool and sensible attire is essential.

The wedding requires a lot of worries about dressing compared to other TPOs.

Because it is one of the most important ceremonies through whole life, there is a courtesy to be kept. Let’s take a moment to look at the amenities before directing “The cool customer fashion”. As you all know, the most important thing is not to wear white clothes. It is to say that a white wedding dress is a unique authority of the bride on wedding day because it is a symbolic expression of the bride’s purity. It is certain that the Heroine of the wedding is the bride. Let’s not challenge her authority – white clothes.

The second rule is to avoid excessive exposure. The level of exposure in this case is fairly conservative. A short mini skirt that rises over the thigh, a see-through blouse with underwear, and a breast-scored top should be avoided all; the clothes that overexpose the body line, too.

Even if you have a slim and stylish body, trying to be a super sexy star at a romantic event like a wedding can be uncomfortable to the bride and groom, their parents, and others. The third rule is formalization. Wedding ceremony is a formal event. Unless a spouse has a unique taste so the wedding has a special theme, a very casual or dirty ritual is against the courtesy of the ceremony that they have arranged for.

Don’t be a blot on the wedding day which will be remembered as fantastic day forever, that will be remembered forever, too. If you remember the three rules above, DO IT. Before you worry about what to wear, the most important thing to look at is the wedding invitations. The wedding invitation contains all the information we need to know about the wedding.

The place where the ceremony takes place, the date, the time, as well as the nuances that the fonts contain, the presence of ornaments like ribbons, and the pictures enclosed can tell the way the bride and groom is directing a wedding ceremony. Read the messages carefully on the wedding invitations, both godly and family, and get ready for the dress that you think is most appropriate.

It takes a little inspiration to get dressed up with courtesy for the wedding, but cool. In this case, it is a good idea to refer to the fashion trend of entertainers who are hot topics these days.

Observing their outfits, you can see the key items to devise successful wedding guest fashion. The most common clothes used by not only public but celebrities is definitely a pastel jacket.

Recently, Girls ‘Generation members, who appeared in Wonder Girls’ s wedding ceremony, were all wearing a pastel -colored jacket and coat. Among them, charming point of Sooyoung, looks comfortable and practical, with skinny pants and silk shirts, briefly designed bags and shoes was outstanding. A few years ago, Shin Minah who appeared with a light pink jacket on Jang Donggun and Ko Soyeong’s wedding, is too.

The main styling point was to use modern shirts and T-shirts, cool mood bags and sandals to bring out the charm. This pastel color jacket looks much more sophisticated when it maintains a more cozy feel than when the trail of trying to look pretty. The items chosen by the stars with a dignified attitude were wide pants.

Lee Hyori, who attended the wedding of Lee Chunhee, putting on a pale blue-colored blouse with beige-colored wide pants perfectly fit to her body was one of her most stylish looks. Kim Minhee used an apricot-colored blouse, bright blue wide pants, and clutch bag to make her own fascinating style. Wide pants are the most beautiful when with a simple accessory to emphasize modernity and a girlish blouse to alleviate hardness because of its unique mannish feel.

Lovely dress is also a staple item of celebrity-guest fashion. On the wedding ceremony of Um Taewoong, Jung Ryeowon kept courtesy by matching the simple patterned coat over the dress with the vintage pattern, and emphasized the own youthfulness with red court shoes. And Um Ji-won was dressed in unbalanced dress with sophisticated design, but it wasn’t out of courtesy because it was with black blouse-considered with formality and season.

It is said that Graceful attire made synergy with Um Jiwon’s mood made her outstanding. Elegantly set clothes look classy, either. Because ensemble of precisely calculated details completes outfits.

Comparing the choice of Kim Yoonjin; two-piece dress emphasizing waist with a belt, and Ha Jiwon; ensemble of sleeveless top and skirt with scarf, with that of others in Jang and go couple’s wedding ceremony, it looks certain that nothing is more proper to formal events than well-set attire. Another styling secret that I found in the celebrities’ guest fashion is the usage of simple accessories.

No matter what dress they are wearing, their bags were simple in design, and the shoes were not out of the classic category of pumps, mary jane heels, strap sandals. The accessories are complementary to the lack of attire by matching the necessary items to the right place rather than spending a lot of loud things. The key to a successful guest fashion was not to be out of courtesy but to emphasize simplicity and sophistication.

Sometimes it is held in the evening or held outdoors. It is important to check the weather and the location in advance. It’s no wonder stuck with stiletto on a lawn or beach wedding, and A long wardrobe with one sleeveless dress in the cold windy outdoors will be a torture.

No matter how cool the attire is, it can’t be stylish with trembling with the cold or sweat with the heat. So,let’s take a careful look at the wedding invitation again. It is also a good idea to prepare a change of costumes according to the event in advance, such as matching a mannish jacket to a dressy dress, if the wedding reception continues just after the ceremony, there is no time for changing clothes

A proper guest fashion is a measure of my sense and social status, and it is an important dress code that delights the eye of the others and raises the value of the event. The important thing is that you should not exclude practicality in whatever situation you wear. Remember that the wedding ceremony is not a runway but a place for festivals that should be enjoyed both for the couple and for the guests.

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