Beautiful than bride ‘thunder stealer’ Wedding guest make-up

Beautiful than bride ‘thunder stealer’ Wedding guest make-up

Around this time every year, ‘Wedding guest makeup tutorials’ and ‘Wedding guest fashion’ hold a high rank in the list of popular search words in the internet. Sorry for brides, but let’s check on wedding guest makeup which makes you a thunder-stealer.

There are lots of weddings especially in spring, so wedding invitations is piled up and your calendar is packed with wedding schedules.

When going to a wedding a formal look is appropriate. As so, it is always difficult for us to choose what to wear or what purse we should take.
What is just as important as the fashion is the make-up.
Let’s learn about the sort of make-up that gets you a new relationship at a wedding you went as a guest to celebrate one.

The point of such guest make-up is brightness.

The key of such guest make-up is to be ‘moderate’ and ‘bright’.

Because too many make-up is not appropriate in wedding that main character is bride, it can gather other’s brows. If we know borders, where should we put point? Exactly, it’s gorgeous skin appearance. Assuming we put tone-up on skin in final stap of basic care, it can direct gorgeous skin tone. If base with pearl sense and highlighter mix with foundation and put on forehead, cheek, nose, we can make three-dimensional shapes of faces.

At this point selecting pink colored base is more suitable than white or green colored base. Flawless make-up is finished by covering blemish with concealer. Then, too thick make-up may looks like stuffy, it is important that spread on skin with thin and not heavy make-up.

How to survive in group picture

Picture’s face may be more spreading or longer than original face.

Moreover, to survive in group picture with many people, we put on face’s three-dimensional effect and emphasize ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. First, with eyebrow pencil we fill empty of brows. And then, make thoughtful shape of eyes by spreading light brown-colored eye shadow on eyes. Eyeline is drawn thinly and slightly drawn outer edge of eyes.

For the big and clear eyes, blend a deep brown color eyeshadow around your eye lines. Put on white or pink pearl eyeshadows at your under eyelids for bright and shiny eyes. Curl each piece of your eyelash with a mascara and a eyelash curler. Add some contour at your triangle zone(between your nose and eyes)and the outer area of your face through the shading.

Dip your brush with pink blusher and smoothly brush inward from the top of the cheek. You will see a naturally blushed and healthy look. Finish the wedding guest makeup by coloring the lips with toned down pink.

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