avouavou SILK DRESS

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With the unique design of the "avouavou" and its high quality lace fabric, this flared dress completes your romantic look.
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After the graduation from the New York Parsons Design School, two sisters have launched their own brand "avouavou".

It uses high quality fabrics that fancy brands use. Also, the avouavou manufactures products, using thier unique patterns at reasonable prices and paying proper wages.

Made of silk, this flared dress boasts of its soft texture.

This dress silhouette flows smoothly along the body. The detail of diagonal line along the body is stand out.

The V neck line will be fit on shoulder and makes natural off-the-shoulder neckline.

The drape piece that flow naturally from the neckline can be utilized by naturally tieing up a ribbon on back neckline or front. Furthermore, It is more luxurious because of embroidery of every end.

This dress is designed with waist-hip silhouette looks slim but comfortable.

With a comfortable fit, the asymmetrical flare silhouette of the skirt makes it look slimmer. The wrap skirt structure makes the front look even more abundant.

It is also suitable for daily use along with a jacket or coat to show off yourself on a special day.

Material - SILK 30% RAYON 65% LYCRA 5% * This product is only available for dry cleaning when washing.

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