LALAVESI Devil Cushion is a product good for hot summer, with great cover power.
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  1. I have been using it for three years. There are so many cushions these days so I have used this and that, but finally, I returned to LALAVESI.

  2. I am not exaggerating. This is pact of my life. I have used many different pacts but none of them satisfied me so I was searching for another one. If you are oily-complex, this would be the best summer pact.

  3. I have dry skin type, but it suits me well. It has great cover power and it doesn’t get greasy even if I re-apply!!
    I am so satisfied with it. I will order it again when I am done with it ^^~~

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LALAVESI Devil Cushion releases products per season (winter/in-between seasons/summer), so it is loved by many as a product suitable for each situation. Because the main ingredient is different per season, it helps maintaining make-up. It keeps the skin tone and texture even, and even if time passes, there is no darkening, and the skin stays bright and smooth.

Let's go over the upgrades from existing first generation to second generation. Normal refill cap (anti-bacteria X) -> 99.9% anti-bacteria refill cap four seasons puff -> moisture maximizing puff yogurt extract -> rose water 30%, ceramide skin low-irritation test complete -> 15 components harmful to skin are missing, no benzoaldehyde-3, skin low-irritation test complete. *PA++ SPF47 function is included in the product.

LALAVESI has received grand prize from Premium Brand Selected by Female Customers in 2017 with its devil cream and devil cushion. Even though it is not a product of large enterprise, it has been sold out for five years and has sold more than one million units. It is loved by many customers.

What does LALAVESI mean then?

LALAVESI = LALA(onomatopoeia meaning joy) + VESI(origin of water) LALAVESI is a brand name made as a compound word of 'LALA', onomatopoeia meaning joy, and 'VESI', which is a Finnish word, meaning origin of 'water.' It means joy of skin given by water, and is a brand that finds the optimum skin moisture balance and makes healthy and wet skin.

As mentioned above, LALAVESI is putting a lot of effort in skin moisture. So it controls the moisture in all products, not only devil cream and devil cushion, according to the seasons, so it can help the skin

To those who was in trouble and stressed by difficulty of moisture control Why don't you participate in daily and other meetings with bright and wet skin?

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