Devil Cream Broccoli Edition led by LALAVESI. It is a product for the twenties pore and nutrition who are tired with summer.
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  1. I just used cushions and then I bought creams.I doubt that l didn’t used creams before.

  2. I am using it one case per month for more than 5 years. I bought two creams again. How perfect Devil cream is !

  3. At first, I buy it without using sample. So I put it on the side of the dressing table with saying ‘ What happen to this cream?’. Just to be sure I used in summer, and it’s amazing! It’s perfect for the hot and humid weather in summer.It absorbs without stickiness. I was inconvenienced that it could better if it supplement moisture. I do not make a recommendation in the spring, autumn and winter.

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The 35% German broccoli and 40% SUPER VEGETABLE composed of tomatoes, carrots and cabbages, full of vitamins, care for pores and help control sebum

Main component of German broccoli extract -Vitamin A: increases resistance of skin and mucous membrane -Vitamin C: twice that of lemon, seven times that of potato. 160mg of vitamin c in 100g of broccoli -Vitamin C: helps control pores and sebum

Extract of mixed four vegetables -Vitamin U is an anti-ulcer component, and is a unique vitamin of cabbage, not existing in other vegetables -Vitamin A, B, C, U in the four vegetables and nutrition-full humectant component helps control sebum -Tomato is world's top ten super food, and vegetable most eaten by people worldwide -Vitamin A 4100U contained in 100g of carrots, which is the most among all vegetables

This products maintains moisture 24 hours, and because it is a gel-cream type, its refreshing effect on skin is great, with great absorption power. Also, by using boil manufacture, which warms up water base and oil base in a double boiler, so stably integrates it using hot boiling water, it enhances moisturizing ability and reduces oiliness.

LALAVESI has received grand prize from Premium Brand Selected by Female Customers in 2017 with its devil cream and devil cushion. Even though it is not a product of large enterprise, it has been sold out for five years and has sold more than one million units. It is loved by many customers.

What does LALAVESI mean then?

LALAVESI = LALA(onomatopoeia meaning joy) + VESI(origin of water) LALAVESI is a brand name made as a compound word of 'LALA', onomatopoeia meaning joy, and 'VESI', which is a Finnish word, meaning origin of 'water.' It means joy of skin given by water, and is a brand that finds the optimum skin moisture balance and makes healthy and wet skin.

As mentioned above, LALAVESI is putting a lot of effort in skin moisture. So it controls the moisture in all products, not only devil cream and devil cushion, according to the seasons, so it can help the skin

To those who was in trouble and stressed by difficulty of moisture control. Why don't you participate in daily and other meetings with bright and wet skin?

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