Le masque Tote Bag

It is a premium natural cowhide Tote bag with excellent craftsmanship of domestic(Korea) designer brand 'Le masque'
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  1. Completely satisfied♥♥♥ It is expensive for me as a student, but it is worth it~! I am completely satisfied!!

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'Le Masque', meaning 'mask', is a designer brand which creates bags of its own making with a simple type of design giving a variety of points.

It shows the luxury sensibility of boutique shops balanced with three elements: powerful colors, simple shapes, and creative texture.

Every month a new style bag is born and a special order product is made for a few special people.

This is a new signature line from Le Mask with a top wood hand point.

After cut wood by hand and sanding, and with several stain work and varnish work, it produces the best grip.

The strap that gave the point with a simple salt-décor can be adjustable in length depending on the body shape, and is firmly fixed in a simple shape.

Using cowhides that boast a smooth texture and a amazing sheen, you can create a more luxurious mood according to light or illumination.

Feel the charm of vivid colors with strong color tones which are closed to primary colors.

We added metal hardware decorations to prevent damage to the leather from the ground.

It is a mini bag, but it boasts the immense storage space of 13 cm wide.

Even if you stuff it tightly, the lock decoration will hold safely and the separate pocket at the back and inside of the bag is also helpful for easy storage.

The simple design is suitable for daily use and fit well on casual, formal, everywhere.

Size: Width 18.5cm / length 15.5cm / width 11cm / strap 54 ~ 62cm (adjustable) Weight: 482g Material: Natural cowhide Color: Black, Burgundy, Beige, Ivory * The warranty period of this product is one year from the date of purchase.

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