Based on the unique identity of Domestic (Korea) design brand PINEA , it is a handmade bag made by selecting only good-quality leather.
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PINEA makes a bag that contains worth of long-time from the customer's perspective.

They Create high-quality bags with the finest materials and the best technology.

We invest in quality rather than invest in marketing indiscriminately, and offer it to our customers at a reasonable price.

Based on PINEA's unique design and high quality, we pursue a brand with a scarcity of 1: 1 custom made.

Made with in-person and solid, this products have PINEA's unique identity.

It is made of French ALRAN gotskin which is strong against external scratches and keeps vivid color for a long time, and offers a simple and solid charm. With secure storage through gold buckle and adjustable strap, we pursue convenience.

Sizes: width 22cm / length 7.5cm / height 16cm / strap 48cm Color: Black, White Please check all other contents from the product original page.

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